my story
karly alexandra

poet & writer, artist & teacher, sister & daughter, lover of nature & books. I adore tea

& honey, kayaking, walking slowly among trees, and most of all, time in the presence of God, who loves me more than I can know.


Growing up in a family of artists means that I love to brainstorm and dabble. I have dipped my pen into the realm of hand-lettering, design, illustration, block printing, woodcarving(for about a week), and painting. My first and greatest love is wordsmithing. Since I was able to write, I have written poems and stories, and now I endeavor to share them with you. My deep conviction that fiction and poetry and art are important is what brought me here. I also do custom lettering for folks. Currently I teach English to some amazing high school students in Ohio. The Lord has blessed me with talents that I wish to plant in the soil of this life--may they bloom in your hearts as you walk this road with me.