dear friend,

letters, am I right? I love the joy of a little grey or yellow or even a plain white envelope, hand addressed, my name in imperfect letters, a mystery inside. 

emails just aren't quite the same.

so I thought we might move a little toward a different way.

once in a while, I will send a blog post by post only!

and who knows what else beside words might be hiding in that envelope?

I hope to meet you at the mailbox!

with joy,

karly alexandra

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hello there!

I'm karly alexandra, writer, artist, teacher, friend, follower of Jesus Christ. I like to write letters or share letters in the shape of stories and poems. I can't help but share what beauty I find. I house the overflow of those desires here by writing you letters and sometimes sending them (see below).


I make things to love God and to love my neighbor in the hope that I might encourage you to go out into the world and love God and your neighbor, too.