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c y a n o t y p e

cyanotype, or blue shadow art of fabric earrings

cyanotype is an old process used to develop inexpensive copies of photographs, and is also the reason blueprints are blue.


by treating paper with a solution, then placing objects (or negatives for photos, or drawings for blueprints) on top and leaving in the sun, a print will develop.

there are also ways to make the prints not blue by soaking them in anything that has tannins (results in the black/sepia looking prints).

my work with cyanotype is about both the expected and unexpected shapes and depths of thigs--I find different objects more translucent than expected, or less.

the shadows things leave are a new way of looking at an object, and I find joy in seeing old things take new shape on the page.

I love playing around and experimenting with different ideas, so this gives a lot of freedom for play!

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