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bits of beauty

my dear friend,

This week I am thinking small. Looking close. Not yet trying to untangle the bigger picture. Except the song of the skies and the poetry of trees that God is good, whether it feels that way or not.

So I thought I would just share the bits of beauty amid the difficult and dull moments. Like breaks in the clouds, like stars glistening in the heavy darkness, like a warm sip of something on a cold morning. Because sometimes we just need to gather bits of beauty like wildflowers and let them sing to our weary souls.

Water, that strange creation which drops from the sky, hides in humidity, gushes over stones and soil and winks in the light. Waterfalls are best wondered at with a friend.


Sometimes songs just sing for us what we don't know we need to say. Even if the words don't fit exactly, the heart behind it mirrors our own. And sometimes it feels like I wrote the song myself. Sparrow by Branches is the song of my heart these days.


What makes a movie worthy? Characters make it for me. One of my favorites is This Beautiful Fantastic. It is a humble, off-the-beaten-path sort of film. With gorgeous shots like this one, I just had to capture. The critics don't care for it, but it always inspires me to keep making beautiful things, to face even the small fears that loom larger than I'd care to admit.


The lake road was especially lovely this week. I drove by at dusk, and had to catch this through the window. Light played upon the water in stunning strokes. I even stopped one time, just the low rumble of my engine and the slight whisper of wind. Until headlights appeared behind me, and I reluctantly hit the gas to go.


Beauty in-between is a treasure. We are always on our way, but what if on the way is a place worth seeing? Just this morning, walking to my favorite coffee shop, I was halted by light and shape and depth and texture. Look close at these leaves, linger on the beauty you can see, just there, on the way to somewhere else.

Lastly, the innumerable layers of a fresh croissant, cinnamon and sugar clinging to its crust, inside a buttery, soft, slightly chewy collection of dough and just the right amount of air. Seriously, croissants are a wonder. Next time you have the option to get one, full steam ahead. Then slow, and savor.

Those are a smattering of scattered thoughts from a quiet soul this week. What sorts of beauty did you listen and look for this week? I'd love to look and listen along.

with joy,

karly alexandra

P.S. Next week I am mailing out a real letter instead of posting. So you won't see me here. But you can sign up on my contact page to get free mail from me! See you in the mailbox?


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