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of little books and summer

my dear friend,

Sometimes we hibernate in the warm weather—hiding from sunshine and leaves rather than hiding from winter. Sometimes the smile of the sun is too bright for a soul whose winter has not ended. That is why I have been quiet here.

But winters move toward their ends, and flowers bloom. Much has been budding and blooming, things unseen, but some that have taken form. Books have been blooming.

I've been making little books, more of them. I wrote about my little books of tears—I haven't been making those exactly, for I am not in the season of sharing tears. These little books are blank. Or perhaps, blank is the wrong word. These little books are waiting. Inviting. Full of possibility.

I love the idea of making something that invites participation. That you can take and fill—that you can come alongside the pages and covers and colors and add your own words or drawings. A little notebook can be a friend, a means to listen to yourself, to speak to God, to hope, to dream, to weep.

Why are they small? Well, in some ways, I just love little things—I always have. And there is something beautifully quiet about a small beginning, something inviting about just a few pages that long to be filled, rather than the overwhelming ask of eighty or a hundred pages. Maybe a little book is just for one day, one trip, one dream, one moment.

Do you need a little book? Do you want one?

You can get one on Friday(July 14th)! I am opening The Little Blue Book Stop Friday on Etsy (now open!). A stop can be "a stay or sojourn made at a place, as in the course of a journey," and I love the idea that a little book can be a stop for the soul, and my little store can be a place to sojourn and be refreshed. That's my hope.

So come and stop with me, find a little notebook, go on a little journey, and maybe, just maybe, return with a new hope, a new dream, a quieted heart.

If you like to make things, you might also be interested in my maker section, a bookish collection of designs for the Cricut and Glowforge/Laser cutters. Those will be coming soon!

So check it out on Friday! I'll add the link here Friday and post on social media as well! Visit my little stopping place!

with joy,

karly alexandra


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