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It was probably something small―do you remember it? A picture, or a place setting, a package or a envelope scrawled in lilting cursive. Somewhere in your soul a little hope sprouted, new and thrilling. A small seed of desire to make something pushed through the soil. An ache to use just your hands and simple materials―paper, flowers, a pen, paints, string, a camera, anything. You saw a creation, a little bundle of beauty, and you wanted to create, too. You wanted to see something come to life because of your hands and your vision and your hope.

But that was so long ago. Or maybe it was yesterday, but it feels eons away because practical matters beckon with hard-to-ignore urgency. Finish the lesson plan, change your insurance, tidy the house. We need to do those things.

Then, too, there can be a sense of inadequacy that creates distance between us and creativity. I could never do it that well. I could never do it at all. Still, there is a whisper deep inside that sounds like an ancient cry: make time for beauty. Make beauty.

How do we make time for the lovely, the making, and the creativity in our lives? This is the question I seem to ask everyday, and I think you ask it too. Sometimes we are afraid to ask, afraid of what it would take to answer. Where do we begin? How do we make time to create?

I have to tell you. As we consider these questions we can and should create.

Creating is an essential part of being human. Exercising our creative muscles, imagination, that strange ability to hope―these are vital to truly living. We were made to create, and I want to embrace that in my life daily.

So let’s begin a journey―a journey to creating a life of imaginative making, of creative living. A life of appreciating and adding beauty to this world of ours.

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